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While conceptually sliding systems have been around since decades, their designs, functions and performance continue to enhance and evolve with time. It has been often led by the European Market.

At Fiamarc, we are dedicated and work diligently to push the envelope, improve functionality and be the first to bring new and improved product designs to the Indian market.

Curious and excited, we take you through our new lineup of Sliding Doors, engineered with the latest technology in wardrobe design.

Explore innovation, inspiration, and intelligent sliding solutions as we showcase Star Fluid by Terno Scorrevoli.

The invincible, one-of-its-kind, exclusive patented sliding system offers an innovative and elegant solution to the classic sliding wardrobes. It can be optimized to create creative atmospheres, in a tasteful way.

The Star Fluid sliding system is a breakthrough innovation designed specifically for wardrobes with external overlapping doors. With its cutting-edge features and advanced Fluid technology, Star Fluid sets a new standard in both functionality and aesthetics.

Here's what makes Star Fluid stand out in its niche:


Star Fluid is compatible with wardrobe doors ranging from 22 - 50 mm in thickness, accommodating a wide range of designs. Its remarkable 60 – 80 kg weight-bearing capacity ensures stability and durability even with heavy wardrobe doors. Additionally, its sleekness and close-to-floor clearance, enable space utilization.


Equipped with state-of-the-art and latest-generation Fluid dampers technology, Star Fluid guarantees remarkably smooth and silent opening and closing movements, thus accelerating user experience.


Star Fluid represents the pinnacle of technological innovation, combining advanced features and components to deliver unparalleled performance. This sliding system features a new front cover that elegantly conceals the Fluid dampers, utilizing an aluminum band that can be customized with desired colours or paint, seamlessly integrating with any wardrobe design.


Star Fluid introduces a patented fixing system that redefines ease and effortless installation. The dampers can be easily moved and locked into position, significantly reducing assembly time.

The sliding system incorporates innovative ball bearings and a new-generation coating, ensuring smoother and quieter sliding, especially during the start and stop motions.

Join the Revolution, choose Star Fluid for a wardrobe sliding system. Experience the blend of unmatched performance, technological innovation, and aesthetic excellence.

Now, you can purchase the revolutionary Star Fluid sliding system directly at a click.Visit our website or contact our dedicated sales team to place your order today. Experience the future of sliding systems with FIAMARC.

Fiamarc is a trusted provider of high-quality home improvement solutions, we are thrilled to offer this cutting-edge product to our valued customers. With FIAMARC, you can expect excellent customer service, reliable support, and a seamless purchasing experience.


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