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Fiamarc, an interior industry veteran, introduces a new line of exclusive wall hooks with trending designs and unrivalled quality. The Viefe Wall Hookscomprises of a designer and trend setting range of innovative hooks that seamlessly synchronize with and complement our luxurious range of handles, knobs,and door stoppers. Hence, crafting a symphony of style and cohesion.


Our designer wall hook collection transcends the beauty of your walls. These wall hooks help you to design well-decorated walls that becomes the center of attraction. Our artistically designed wall hooks empower you to narrate a compelling story of evolving trends, personal expression, and captivating aesthetics.


Beyond their indispensable practicality, our wall hooks assume the role of artistic expressions that breathe life into your walls, effectively transforming them into expansive canvases for your creative vision.


Meticulously crafted by renowned international designers, these hooks compose a symphony, where different elements converge in harmonious unison to create a masterpiece. It transcends their utilitarian functions, evolving into emblematic statements of order and sophistication that seamlessly integrate with any surface, thus achieving a harmonious equilibrium between functionality and aesthetics.


If you are interested in our innovative wall hooks, or would like to receive more information, or have our product catalogue, or ask for a quote, connect with us – email us at



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