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Fiamarc launches a spectacular new collection of furniture front solutions. Excited to set a new benchmark in interior and architectural segment, here we are with a magnificent, true glass collection that is ahead of its time – Frontaline!

Frontaline efficiently caters to the need of trendy and contemporary living with its unique 2mm back painted glass panel for furniture fronts. These true glass fronts are sleek in design, and comes in vibrant and vivid hues. The shine of true glass blends together to make your space more than just a space. Its enthralling look and superior quality make it the ideal front for your upcoming project.

Our fronts are thoughtfully designed with intrinsic details to add a charm to your space.


  1. These true glass fronts are UV resistant, water resistant, and scratch resistant; thus, making it easy to maintain and long lasting.

  2. They are available in a pool of shades and can be custom-made as per your size and specifications.

  3. Smooth edges ensure curved corners, further enhancing its beauty and style.

  4. They are available in natural and vibrant shades.

  5. True glass ensures extra shine and extra clarity.

These exotic glass fronts are manufactured and packed in our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit located at Valsad, under stringent quality checks of our expert professionals. Our production process is simple, efficient and ensures perfection, which ultimately leads to client satisfaction.

At Frontaline we believe, packaging is one of the most crucial elements of consumer experience. Our products undergo an 8-step packaging process to ensure they reach our customers safe and intact.

These ready-to-install frontaline solutions are seamless and flawless in finish. Come, get spoilt for choice with our wide range of furniture fronts. Get the first look of all new Frontaline by Fiamarc!

The best in fronts is now open for orders. You can place an order for your Frontaline fronts today for delivery in approximately one month.

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