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Fronts play an important role in your space; both in appeal and functionality. Here is an exquisite alternative for those who want something a little more eye-catching without overpowering a minimalist scheme- Frontaline-Signature Fronts by FIAMARC.

Frontaline is an exotic range of trendy, exclusive and contemporary fronts for furniture, kitchen and various applications. Its sleek design, vibrant and exquisite hues blends together to make your space more than just a space. Its enthralling look and superior quality make it the ideal surface for any space – commercial or residential.

It enables you to redefine splendour and break through the conventional and ordinary. The Signature Fronts from Frontaline is manufactured with 2 mm semi tempered glass with high end technology from Israel. The process gives it a natural appearance, bringing an element of luxury and exclusivity to your space.

Our perfectly detailed furniture fronts are unique, with varying colours, seamless edge, and matching handles and back. The pleasing palette of vibrant and natural colours add the charisma of luxury, quality and thoughtful craftsmanship to your space.


This 2 mm (true glass fronts) alluring beauty can be customized as per your specifications. So enabling you to add a touch of elegance to your space.


Sleek & seamless edge makes it incredibly beautiful. Our exclusive edge technique and process ensures a clean and elegant finish. Our wide range of integrated handles 4 profiles matching with your fronts further enhances the beauty of your space.


The exquisite process of Frontaline protects the glass from damage its water resistant, UV resistant, and scratch resistant - making it highly durable. This “easy to maintain” and “easy to clean” fronts redefine durability.


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